Benefits of Print Vendor Consolidation


By strengthening your global footprint and increasing the productivity of your business, adopting Print Vendor Consolidation enables your company to focus on strategic aspects of the business and not just list-making.

By consolidating the relationships between print vendors and managed print services, you can increase your chances of selecting the best print management service provider in an instant. Moreover, by utilizing only one supplier, you cut back on waste, increasing the business’s savings and reducing costs through printer consolidation.

Moreover, you can avoid the capital, IT department, photocopier maintenance, procurement, development, document management, and supply delivery inefficiencies that can burden your companies.

What is vendor consolidation?

Consolidating your print vendors is a strategy that will help you to increase the number of suppliers and lower the volume of smaller orders.

How does consolidation reduce costs?

Print vendor consolidation reduces costs because it provides a company with a single contract for their printing needs. This means that there is only one source of expenditures to consider when making decisions.

What Are the Benefits of Print Vendor Consolidation?

Benefits of Print Vendor Consolidation

1. Eliminates the company's capital cost

Through consolidating your vendor relationships list, you will eliminate capital, IT department, document management, print supplies, and photocopier maintenance. This will save your company a lot of money and put it to use for the growth of your business.

Further, taking your choices of print materials, photocopiers, procurement process, service provider, and software into consideration, an entire team is reduced as well.

2. Continually improve your company's productivity.

Continuous process improvements are one of the company’s strengths. This increases the business’ productivity in a number of ways. Therefore, through consolidating your vendors, your organization will be a lot more organized and focused.

With the managed print services, best tools, and tools available, you will maximize your business’s sales and profitability. Consequently, it will enable you to take your business to the next level.

Furthermore, by consolidating your vendors, you can eliminate your logistic and shipping costs. This will ensure your company’s smooth movement and achieve growth.

3. Reduced Operations Cost.

While printing costs are significantly higher as compared to other business activities, you will be fully equipped with all the necessary tools to reduce and cut down on your costs. In addition, since your company has fewer choices, you will save your own capital significantly. As a result, you will invest less in maintenance, improve productivity, and avoid delays.


It is common for companies to suffer losses due to high printing costs and photocopier maintenance. Therefore, choosing the right photocopier vendor will improve your company’s operations and enable you to maintain better profitability.

5. No duplications, no redundancy.

Eliminate all your printing and copying needs with one company. By eliminating the hassle of ordering supplies, you can get more done in less time; reduce costs by buying parts once instead of regularly on repeat orders, and never worry about running out again!

6. Fulfills your multi-function printing needs & Processes on time.

Keeping your organization running efficiently is the key to success.  There are many ways to maximize efficiency and minimize overhead expenses. One way is by working with one or two vendors for all of your multi-function printing needs, which will help keep the organization running smoothly as well.

Time-consuming activities can be minimized by consolidating vendor relationships. Keeping this in mind, one of the main objectives for a firm is to increase efficiency and decrease overhead expenses.

7. There's no need for large upfront investments since consolidating only requires an agreement between two parties.

During print vendor consolidation, two or more print vendors will provide services to a single customer. Print vendor consolidation is a great way to save time and money in your printing process.

Whether you are just starting to consolidate your print vendors or looking into other print vendor consolidation services, the Digital Document Management system and managed print services have the solution that will help streamline your business. Print Vendor Consolidation solutions can be tailored to fit your company’s specific requirements.

By concentrating on the benefits of consolidation, you will increase productivity and lower your operational expenses. It’s a great way to increase profits and improve bottom-line results and will help your company conserve energy.

8. Easier processes.

Since consolidating your vendors is comparatively faster and cheaper than finding new products, you will experience faster processes. Through this, your business is ready for competitive solutions. Due to the single-vendor management and fewer operations, your company will have easier processes.


Print vendor consolidation is a cost-saving strategy that offers a wide range of benefits. The first step to cost and time efficiency is vendor focus. This process can be achieved by focusing on single vendors.

By choosing one print company for all your ordering needs, you’ll no longer have to spend hours searching through multiple catalogs or websites to find what you need.

You may even save money in the long run! If printing supplies are an important part of your business operations and if you want more information about how consolidating vendors could benefit your organization, contact us today to get in touch with an expert who will answer any questions.

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